Recently commissioned by MSL Projects to produce a creative response to Chris- Thorpe Tracey’s album, ‘A Derelict Chorale’ for Coastal Currents Arts Festival 2020.

The work was made by using found slides, negatives, overhead projectors, and animation software.

Watch film about the project here:

The finished work:

Animal headdress for music video

Very happy to have made this Nightingale mask for Afrobeat band, Samaki and their new song, Nightingales.

Animal cardboard heads

Recycled boxes get made into animal heads.

Cardboard dog headdress

Bespoke cardboard headdress.

Mural Magic!

This mural was commissioned to form part of an Art garden at The Mill Primary Academy in Crawley. The concept was created by artist, Janey Moffat, who is artist in residence in at the school. Janey worked with kids to create the monsters and characters and I  got the kids to use projectors to transpose onto the walls. It was 4 days of fun!

Interview on the pier

I am currently a part time Arts worker at Seaview centre, providing art activities and community engagement for our service users. In March 2018 Seaview were lucky enough to be involved with the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre in a project that allowed our service users to create Automata with artist, Peter Quinnell, alongside other local community groups. These pieces were then displayed with Cabaret Mechanical Theatre incredible automata on the award winning Hastings pier.

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Workshop at Liverpool Museum

Workshop at Liverpool museum in collaboration with Fawcett Society and MSL Projects. We made banners with pre cut stencils and acrylic paint in this amazing studio space looking over the Mersey.

Other Stories

Radiator Arts collaborated with writer, Rosanna Lowe, and local community groups to produce a wagon filled with boxes and peepshows in the style of the ‘Raree show’ or Peepshow that would be traditionally taken from village to village by street hawkers. The work was inspired by memories of Hastings and the folklore of this ancient town. My contribution is shown here. My scenes include

the world of pirates, technology breakthroughs by John Logie Baird and a scene of Edith Swan Neck or Edith the Fair collecting the body parts of King Harold after the Battle of Hastings.


Felting for Christmas